ZIP: 1013
Title: Keep It Simple, Zcashers: 10% to ECC, 10% to ZF
Owners: Gordon Mohr (@gojomo on relevant forums)
Status: Obsolete
Category: Consensus Process
Created: 2019-11-14
License: Public Domain
Discussions-To: <>
Pull-Request: <>


The key words "MUST" and "SHOULD" in this document are to be interpreted as described in BCP 14 1 when, and only when, they appear in all capitals.

The terms below are to be interpreted as follows:

Electric Coin Company, a US-based limited-liability corporation.
Zcash Foundation, a US-based non-profit corporation.
a regularly-scheduled discontinuity where the rate of ZEC issuance halves, expected first in roughly October 2020 then next in roughly October 2024.


This ZIP proposes:

After the 1st Zcash Halvening, when the "Founders’ Reward" system- bootstrapping protocol-based development funding expires, continue to direct 20% of new ZEC issuance to development-related activities for ongoing research, development, innovation, and maintenance of Zcash.

Assign half of such funds to the ECC, and half to the ZF. Continue this allocation until the 2nd Halvening.


There have been many proposals for potential allocations of Zcash block rewards (ZEC inflation) after the 1st Halvening. Many cluster around similar broad parameters:

However, no existing ZIPs explicitly propose the most simple variation on this theme - one that maintains maximal continuity with prior practice. This 'Keep It Simple, Zcashers' ZIP aims to fill that gap.


This proposal intends to be easy to describe, understand, and implement.


This proposal does not seek to propose any particular course of action past the 2nd Halvening.


To implement this ZIP, the Zcash protocol and compatible software MUST:

This proposal specifically refrains from adding any new conditions or procedural formalities, technical or legal, on the delivery of development funds.

There is only the expectation that these recipients SHOULD continue the stated missions, practices of transparency, and responsiveness to community input that they have demonstrated thus far.


This proposal primarily differs from similar proposals in two ways: (1) it places no new comditions/processes on the disbursement of ZEC development funds; (2) it specifies a fixed, 50-50 division-of-funds between the ECC and ZF.

These differences are motivated by a desire for simplicity and continuity. This allocation can be implemented technically without novel institutions, processes, or legal agreements.

Rather than relying on lists-of-conditions with underspecified enforcement or dispute-resolution mechanisms, the adequate performance of fund recipients is expected due to:

From original "Founders’ Reward"-era development-funds, roughly 15% has been directed to the ZF. (Or, about 3 points of the full 20 points of bootstrap- funds.) However, from its later start, the ZF has recently grown its technical, grantmaking, and organizational capabilities, and wide sentiment in the Zcash community, ECC, and ZF desires the ZF grow to a role of equivalent or greater importance as the ECC for long-term Zcash evolution. Thus this proposal specifies a 50:50 split of future development funds, rather than continuing any prior proportions.


1 Information on BCP 14 — "RFC 2119: Key words for use in RFCs to Indicate Requirement Levels" and "RFC 8174: Ambiguity of Uppercase vs Lowercase in RFC 2119 Key Words"