Specifications and Zcash Improvement Proposals for the Zcash cryptocurrency.

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The ZIP process is documented in ZIP 0.


This is the list of ZIPs planned to be included in the NU3 upgrade (around ~April 2020).


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Index of ZIPs

ZIP Title Status
0 ZIP Process Active
32 Shielded Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets Final
143 Transaction Signature Verification for Overwinter Final
200 Network Upgrade Mechanism Final
201 Network Peer Management for Overwinter Final
202 Version 3 Transaction Format for Overwinter Final
203 Transaction Expiry Final
205 Deployment of the Sapling Network Upgrade Final
206 Deployment of the Blossom Network Upgrade Draft
207 Split Founders' Reward Withdrawn
208 Shorter Block Target Spacing Implemented
209 Prohibit Negative Shielded Value Pool Final
210 Sapling Anchor Deduplication within Transactions Draft
243 Transaction Signature Verification for Sapling Final
308 Sprout to Sapling Migration Final
401 Addressing mempool denial-of-service Final
1001 Keep the Block Distribution as Initially Defined — 90% to Miners Draft
1002 Opt-in Donation Feature Draft
1003 20% Split Evenly Between the ECC and the Zcash Foundation, and a Voting System Mandate Draft
1004 Miner-Directed Dev Fund Draft
1005 Zcash Community Funding System Draft
1006 Development Fund of 10% to a 2-of-3 Multisig with Community-Involved Third Entity Draft
1007 Enforce Development Fund Commitments with a Legal Charter Draft
1008 Fund ECC for Two More Years Draft
1009 Five-Entity Strategic Council Draft
1010 Compromise Dev Fund Proposal With Diverse Funding Streams Draft
1011 Decentralize the Dev Fee Draft
1012 Dev Fund to ECC + ZF + Major Grants Draft
1013 Keep It Simple, Zcashers: 10% to ECC, 10% to ZF Draft
1014 Dev Fund to ECC + ZF + Major Grants Draft
guide {Something Short and To the Point} Draft